What You Can Learn About Success From Addiction.

Don't confuse drive with healthy ambition. Just doing something doesn't mean you are doing enough.  Or doing things the right way.

Addiction will force a person to go to extreme lengths to make sure they have access to the chemicals that quiet down their brain. They will rob and steal and sell their bodies for sex just to earn enough money to get another fix. To make it through another day.

A lot more of us should act the same way.

We say we are committed to success but then make a million excuses why we can't achieve our goals. We say that we'll do "anything" in order to be successful, but then hesitate if we have to go out of our way as part of that process.

We make excuses about why "we can't". We repeat sophisticated business lingo about "slow and steady" and criticize anyone who appears to be deeply obsessed by accomplishing their mission.

We're just not driven from within.

The truth is that we just don't care enough.  We say we are.  We even have a list of goals and deadlines.  But those lists and goals and deadlines don't seem to be big enough to drive us to do the hard things that are necessary to do something amazing.

Like putting in extra effort. Like ignoring the criticism of people around us. Like denying immediate gratification.

We don't care enough to go that far.  We'll sit through a webinar.  We'll buy a book or two on business.  We might even hire a coach or pay to attend some networking events.

But we're not obsessed with doing something amazing.

We're just hoping that we get lucky someday.  Hoping that "less than enough" becomes "barely enough" and we achieve success despite our own lack of courage.

The addict will do anything to calm the obsession screaming through their brain.  Perhaps you need a similar message driving you.  Your mission isn't to rob or steal or prostitute yourself. But it is to care more.

To put in more effort.  To not give up even when the obstacles seem insurmountable. To do what ever it takes in order to figure it out.

Perhaps a little more addiction might work in your favor.

After all, you can pretend like you're going to do something amazing; but until you start acting like it, nothing truly special will ever happen.

You'll just end up defeated, wondering why you can't seem to achieve breakthrough.

It's time to rethink dedication, isn't it?