The Opposite of Progress.

Just because you are moving forward doesn't mean you are moving towards your goal. You could just be turning in circles.

Which gets you nowhere except where you have already been.  And if that's the place you're moving away from, then you're likely to end up more frustrated and impatient.

Here are some thoughts for you:

You can't progress and aggress at the same time.

Fighting and fixing don't go together.  If you want to move forward you have to stop fighting with those around you. Kindness is a skill you need to learn.  Patience is a practice you need to master.  Tolerance too.

You can't progress and digress at the same time.

Fighting demands focus.  If you are quickly distracted by other people's opinions then you won't accomplish the important tasks that being successful demands. Focus is key to your success.

You can't progress and regress at the same time.

Fighting demands fixing.  Fixing bad habits and old ways of doing things. Just because you start something new doesn't mean you will get it right.  You  have to stick with it and keep trying.

Moving forward starts with you moving.

If you aren't moving then you don't have a chance of getting anywhere.

Move.  Move forward.

That's progress.

Then you can tackle the rest.