Caring Doesn't Make You A Loser.

When it comes to sports we get it.  We understand perfectly how caring makes you a high performer. We understand that caring about the details and putting in outrageous amounts of effort catapults an average performer beyond  the guy who should be the easy winner.  The guy with more talent, more experience, more confidence.

That guy loses to the performer who cares more.

We see it in sport after it sports, in event after event -- announcers will say after observing a moment that the winner "wanted it more".

Those few, simple words encompass the whole of what caring is all about.

We understand it.  We believe it. We buy into it.

When you care, that attitude drives you to perform at a level that is superior to what your talents and skills and behaviors appear to be on paper. Caring makes a tremendous difference.

But somehow, when it comes to business, we become unbelievers.

The same essence of human courage that we applaud and cheer for in the sports arena we decry as incompetence and weakness in the boardroom.

Caring isn't weakness. And it's not incompetence.

It's an attitude, that when combined with your talents and behaviors and experience,  enables you to dig deeper and perform better than anyone else.

It's not an excuse to be lazy.

  • Caring drives you to find a solution when logic tells you that you've done all that you can do.
  • Caring pushes you to go that extra mile after customers have received the value that they paid for.
  • Caring is what helps you stand apart when your industry tells you that you should be like everybody else.

No. Caring isn't weakness.  It's strength.

When you care more, you win more.

That truth is inescapable. Caring forces you to do the hard things that anyone else with just as much as talent is you isn't willing to do.

It works in sports and it works in the boardroom.

The same fearless behavior that makes you rise from your couch in applause in support of the underdog is the exact same warrior spirit that you can demonstrate in business by just caring more.

Do you care?

LoveStephen Palacino