Why Words Matter.

What you say matters. To you and everyone around you.

Winners use winning words. Losers do the opposite.

You show your attitude in the words you use.

Especially when you aren't paying attention.

Anyone can take the stage and rip off glowing rhetoric about potential and motivation and opportunity. But take a moment to analyze the accidental words you use in "every day" speak.

Words like: aren't, wouldn't, didn't, won't, isn't, shouldn't, can't, wasn't, and doesn't.

Words that seem to slip into normal, credible conversation. Conversations you have at work, at synagogue, or at home.

And all negative words.

When you wrap activity with negativity, you can't help but dehabilitate your progress towards achieving your goals.

It is inevitable that you will fail. Underneath the surface of your bravado and "big picture" thinking is doubt and fear and loneliness.

The words you use matter. They do.

If you disagree then ask yourself why you talk differently to different people. Your boss, your priest, your girlfriend -- you wouldn't pretend to talk about the same topics to each in the same way.

It's not even close.

And it's the same way talking to yourself.

So take the steps necessary to start speaking better:

  1. Pay attention to what you hear yourself talking about -- inside your head and outside your mouth. Both matter. What you say to yourself you start believing. Believe in you.
  2. Proactively replace negative language with confident words. As soon as you say something that doesn't jive with your life mission, pause and then restate out loud what you misspoke earlier.
  3. Avoid negative people and media. Don't let fear and failure inside your head. You can't be stopped if you never start doubting yourself. And if you don't let fear inside your head, it can't come out your lips.

Your goals matter.

That's why your words matter.

If you can't stay motivated long enough to achieve success, nothing else really matters.

The quickest way to get hurt is to look back while you are trying to run forward.

So look forward. Speak forward.

Run forward.