Stop Being a Whiner.

One of the clearest attitude choices that you have is choosing whether to be a whiner or a winner. It's a choice that happens every few seconds of your life. The choice you might take for granted.

But it's wildly important to your long-term success.

Whiners and winners look at the same opportunity from two different perspectives.

  • A whiner say "I tried". But a winner says "I'll try again".
  • A whiner makes excuses. But a winner puts in the effort.
  • A whiner points the finger. But a winner takes responsibility for his own outcomes.
  • A whiner looks down. But a winner keeps looking up.
  • A whiner makes you feel guilty. But a winner inspires you to be better.
  • A whiner asks "why". But a winner asks "why not".
  • A whiner blames failure on the rentals. But a winner changes the rules and Wednesday game.
  • A whiner is selfish. But a winner is generous and kind .
  • A whiner disagrees to get attention. But a winner disagrees to make a difference.
  • A whiner complains that the critics are being unfair. But a winner uses criticism to be a better person.
  • A whiner is focused on winning awards. But a winner is focused on winning attention.
  • A whiner demands fairness. But a winner demands the opportunity to compete.
  • A whiner only looks at ROI; a winner looks at "how are you".

It really all comes down to a simple understanding of how important it is what you think about.

Attitude is everything.

It's a part of every decision that you make each second of the day.

You can choose to whine or or you can choose to win.

Chances are, winning takes you closer to your goals than whining does.

So, whine less.

Win more.