One is Enough.

It only takes one to start a trend. It only starts one to get people thinking.

It only takes one to make a difference.

One thought. One moment. One person.

"Who shall set a limit to the influence of a human being?  There are men, who, by their sympathetic attractions, carry nations with them, and lead the activity of the human race.”     ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

It only takes one person.

That one could be you.

That one new idea could be yours.

The next big moment could be one that you call your own.

And that changes everything.

Because once you know it's your time, that you can make a difference, everything you do becomes a little more urgent -- that much more important.

It is not really a secret at all.

You are the one.

Choose to make it a big one.

LeadershipStephen Palacino