Hope Makes the Difference.

The best plans in the world fall flat without purpose and passion. Just going through the motions might end you up headed towards the finish line, but you won't find yourself competing for the prize.

It takes more than a "reproducible process" to steer your business towards success.

You need hope.

You need to believe that you can make a difference.  That the effort and the agony of the journey is worth the destination.

That's not fluff or business psycho-babble.  That's the gritty side of performance that you think you can ignore.  It's the reason the "7 Step Plan" you are implementing isn't getting you the results the consultants you hired promised you would see.

Because the plan is only the beginning.  It's just an idea.  It take more to be successful.

Hope and love and courage and fear -- they all work together to make you what you ultimately become.

They are the driving force behind how well your employees execute.  They are the reason why your industry does what it does.

Hope is what drives behavior.

If you don't have it, you make bad decisions.  You lose meaning and purpose and passion.

Even the best of your plans crumble at the audacity of reality.

What you believe to be possible breathes new life into how you see the world.

Stop looking for a new plan.  Look for a new will to win.


Attitude, Fear, LoveStephen Palacino