Staying focused requires that you keep life in perspective.

  • There is no up without a down.
  • There is no happy without a sad.
  • There is no more without less.
  • There is no satisfied without confusion.
  • There is no inspiration without first fear.

It's naive to only want the best things.

Because the best is only understood when compared to the worst. That's how we know it is the best -- and not just more of the same.

The same principle applies in business.

You can market your services as being the best at everything, but you're speaking a language that human beings don't understand.

It isn't comparative.

We understand "good right now" and "better later". But we can't believe you when you pitch "awesome all the time".

Create a conversation that highlights your failures, demonstrates your ability to overcome, and connects with people at a human level.

Politicians try to spin their way through an ever-changing strategy of "only successes", but that might also be why we dislikes them so much.

We're not like them. We're normal.

Use bad things to make good things that much more amazing.