Radical Resolutionaries.

Perhaps our tendency to make resolutions we never intend to keep is more about how we view our inadequacies than about our inability to perform. We aim small believing that we are unable to be amazing.

The answer isn't to stop making attempts at greatness, it is to change how you view success.

Make radical resolutions.

  • Resolve to forgive.  Start with yourself.
  • Resolve to lose.  Start with your pride.
  • Resolve to stop.  Start with quitting.
  • Resolve to forget. Start with your limitations.
  • Resolve to love.  Start with those you dislike.
  • Resolve to quit.  Start with doubting yourself.
  • Resolve to give up.  Start with your fear.

Success starts with the goals you make for yourself.

If your goals are simply ordinary don't expect to do what is extraordinary.

Success demands radical resolutionaries.

Ready to join the rebellion?