Being the Hero.

We all want to be a hero. It's an emotion that is wired into how we think and act and make decisions.

Being a hero is top of mind for us a lot of the time

And why now?  If you watch the movies, the hero is always the one who ends up being successful.

Isn't that why we call him the hero in the first place?

The hero always wins.

A least that's what we think about first.

Despite what we watch on the silver screen, being a hero isn't all about an overcharged adrenaline system, craftily hidden super-secret spy tools, and a sexy damsel in distress.

It's actually a lot simpler than that.

Being a hero is about you doing the right thing.

That's it. You doing the right thing.

The hero tries harder.

It's usually not the bold moments standing in front of a crowd announcing our intentions to take over the world.

It is most often the quiet moments where sitting alone we decide to continue. We decide to keep going. We decide to invest in the success of others.

It's the inglorious resolve of broken dreamers that create a hero.

It's not reward.  It's righteous determination.

The hero fights for you.

What makes a hero successful is that he rescues someone else.  He doesn't save himself.  It's about someone else.

That's the same key to success.  Glory comes from rescuing that lost, hurt someone else.

That is what makes the hero special -- he fights vigorously for the success and well-being of others.

That same formula works as a business strategy not just as a great movie plot line.

The hero is you.

Most of us would be lost if it were not for a hero.  A hero rescuing us from ourselves -- from our fears and doubts and self-limiting behaviors.

But being rescued doesn't make you a hero.  It should make your grateful.  It should help you see those around you that need to be rescued.

They'll never say it out loud but they are hoping that you might be the one to help them.

Will you?

LeadershipStephen Palacino