Improbable Business Opposites.

It's fanciful to assume that the opposite of poor sales is outrageous profits. More is good.  Less is bad.

Many times that's how we're told to view success -- all or nothing.

But maybe that's not the clearest view of how business really operates.

  • The opposite of more profit isn't always sloppiness.  Sometimes it means you're investing in your employees.
  • The opposite of more control isn't always inconsistency.  Sometimes it means unexpected brilliance from your leaders.
  • The opposite of more resources isn't always failure.  Sometimes it means new discovery and personal breakthrough.
  • The opposite of more acceptance isn't always the wrong idea.   Sometimes it means you're about to change the world.

Our view of opposites masks the tough struggle for success.

Things aren't always what they seem.

Which is why all that really matters is how much you care.

The opposite of that has always been losing.