It Doesn't Matter What You Know.

It's easy to discount the emotional impact of inspiration.  It's easy to write off motivation as being the key to success.

It's not what smart people do.

At least that's what some of the experts would have us believe.  They tell us that we need to "think" our way through the problems in front of us.  That emotion is just irrational, uneducated behavior.

It's just not sophisticated enough.

  • If you listen to the experts, they would have you believe that a better sales process will solve your business problems.  And certainly it helps.
  • If you listen to the experts they will tell you that writing out your goals, listing objections, and comprehensive analysis is the key to achieving your dreams. And those all certainly help.

But what the experts misunderstand is this animalistic sense of guts and glory.  That human will has always been the secret behind outrageous success.

It's what really creates monumental progress.

It's not what you know.  It is the raw courage with which you step nobly into the unknown.

It's the power of your resolve.

It is your determination that decides how close you get to achieving your destiny.

Education isn't the problem. Neither are great plans or a better strategy.

Which is a challenge for businesses looking for ways to grow.

See, data is now more ubiquitous than ever. Our ability to get answers to complex questions is the fastest since the beginning of time.  We know more than ever.

So why are we still failing?  Why aren't we achieving the success that we know is possible?

Knowing more isn't enough.

In fact, success has very little to do with what you know.  It's about what you're willing to do about it.

And so while you're building a plan and finessing  your strategy, don't forget that none of that really matters without your determination.

Without your courage to rise again from the ashes of failure to try one more time.

What you know hardly matters.  What does matter is what you're willing to do to fight for you.