The Power of Being Wrong.

You're not always right.

But you know that already. It's not a secret.

Even though you work overtime hoping no one around you finds out .

Which is silly.

Because they already know that you're flawed.

And they know that you know you're flawed -- which is both frustrating and confusing.

Despite your bravado and charm, they know you make mistakes.

Which would be okay, if you actually stopped to apologize.

To admit being wrong.

It's easy to think that just because you're passionate about something that you don't need to apologize when you hurt people around you -- sometimes accidentally.

"Being wrong" doesn't just make for good civic relationships, it happens to be a great business strategy.

One that we all too often overlook.

Forgiveness is one of the most empowering attitudes in all of life.

There is power in being wrong.

We often think of gratitude as a powerful attitude changer. And it is.

But forgiveness is even more powerful.

The psychology behind forgiveness is extraordinary.

Unlike any other emotion.

When you make the choice to ask for forgiveness -- assuming you really mean it -- you open yourself to vulnerability.

By simply asking others to forgive you, you create an opportunity for others to connect with you on their terms. That's powerful for them.

Inherently, that dynamic only creates an attraction towards you -- at least temporarily. People like screw-ups. We are wired to understand the complexities of underachievement.

By admitting wrong, you become believable.

You build credibility.

Which gives you the edge in any business opportunity.

But trust and rapport aren't the only benefits.

You forgiving others is even more empowering.

When you make the choice to forgive others, you tap into the wiring in your brain that controls empathy and kindness. Quite literally, you stimulate the parts of your brain that collect healthy memories and positive attitudes.

After all of our hypotheses about how the brain works, we can see in the laboratory this regeneration take place before our very eyes.

It's business therapy.

You heal yourself when you forgive others. You allow others to heal themselves by giving them the opportunity to forgive you.

Which begs another question -- why do we find it so difficult to be wrong in the first place?

The complexities around admitting failure are endless. But here's a simple thought for you: "You can't always be right if you're never wrong."

It just doesn't make sense.

"Perhaps the biggest wrong is in thinking that you are always right..." [Tweet!]

A valuable lesson.

Forgive others. Let others forgive you.

It starts by admitting that you're flawed.

Which you probably know already. So does the guy sitting next to you.

It's really just an attitude change that needs to happen.