Stop Making Bad Choices.

Who you are leads to what you do which determines the outcomes that you will experience.

All too often you are told by the experts to change your tactics, deployed new strategies, and change up what you do -- all in the hopes of getting different outcomes.

And while a change of pace and fresh thinking -- doing better things -- never hurts your business, what will ultimately destroy your business has little to do with what you actually do.

It's about who you are.

The bad choices that you allow yourself to make.

Things just don't happen.  Bad things don't just happen to you.

It's easy to assume a fatalistic attitude and blame your predicament on bad timing or an unlucky situation.

That's just irresponsible thinking .

Solving business problems has never been easier.  Stop making bad choices.

It's that simple.

Bad choices, even small ones, lead to bad outcomes.

It may not all happen today.  It probably won't happen the next day. But bad choices create a bad future -- and usually at the worst and most unexpected of times.

It's our choices to be selfish, argumentative, shortsighted, lazy, hurtful, and unforgiving.

These bad choices are personal accountability issues.

And while business isn't entirely about the ethics you employ, the outcomes that you encounter are directly related to your ethics and attitude in everything that you do.

Personal and professional.

You can't expect your bad personal decisions to not impact your business success.  That's just not how it works.

What you do in your personal life directly impacts the success that you achieve -- or don't.  It's all about the choices that you make.

The situation you are in right now is a result of the choices you made in the past.  Your future outcomes are about the choices you choose to make right now.

Stop trying to cheat the system and be accountable for what you've done.

Be accountable for who you are.

Stop making bad choices.