5 Ways to Push The Limits.

Extreme behavior is one of the strongest differentiators for companies that are successful.

It's not just doing it better than your competitors. It's about pushing the limits.

And not just about pushing the limits a little. It's about pushing the limits further and farther than anyone ever dares to do.

The reality is there are no limits.

The only limits that exist are the ones that you think up in your head.

That's it.

You might be thinking that your boss sets the limits. But he doesn't.

You might be thinking that your competitors -- especially the better funded ones -- set the limits. But they don't.

You set the limits.

Which is why you are the only one who can push the limits.

See, if limits don't really exist except for the ones that you think up on your own, the question is really how you can push something that doesn't exist.

You're not alone in trying to solve this problem. This is a question that troubles most businesses.

But the answer is surprisingly simple:

  1. Understand the fears that drive you. -- Pushing the limits starts with an awareness of what really drives you -- the scary stuff that you're afraid to admit.  Instead of pretending that you don't need anything, you are most successful when you look your demons in the eye and admit your weaknesses.
  2. Demand extra effort from yourself even when it doesn't seem possible. -- You might think you're giving 100%, but that's not likely.  Frankly, it's not even possible.  It's pure business fantasy.  Putting in the extra effort is about you doing that one more thing that needs to be done.  It's about the pain you're willing to endure until you get what you want.
  3. Stop worrying what other people think about you. -- Someone else's opinion is the number one reason you're going to fail.  Think about it.  Are you willing to trade your destiny for some idiot with a loud mouth?  It's silly how obsessed we are with how we look.  Instead of looking like you're amazing, how about just being amazing.
  4. Deliberately place yourself in hard situations where failure seems likely. -- Anybody can be a winner when it's easy.  That's not a challenge.  But that's what most of us do -- we win when it's easy.  If you want to push the limits, you need to sign up for failure.  You need to boldly gamble on yourself.  Sometimes being backed into a corner is the motivation you need to be successful.
  5. Question everything. -- Just because it is, doesn't mean that's the way it should be. Or could be.  It just means that's the way it is right now.  Pushing the limits means that you look facts in the face and discredit them.  You challenge reality.  You refuse to believe that your will is weaker than the way it is.

There are no limits.

Which is why to be successful you need to push the limits.

What stands in your way isn't rules or better processes or even you being smarter.  What stands in your way is the misguided belief that what you want to do is impossible to do.

But as you begin to push the limits, you realize that impossible really isn't impossible.

What is impossible is you being stopped when you've decided you won't be.

Maybe it's time for new limits.

Or rather, no limits at all.

That's for you to decide