Life is Tough.

Life is tough. And in all the accidental ways that make you even more frustrated and completely unfocused on your real goals.

Just about the time you decide what you want from life it seems like getting it becomes even more complicated and confusing than you thought earlier.

Day by day you're grinding it out.  You're fighting to make things happen.

You've got a list and a mission -- a cause -- and you're doing everything in your control to make sure that you are successful.

But life is tough.

Life isn't going to wait for you to be successful before it hits you with problems.

It isn't going to play fair with you.  There are no head starts.  No "do overs".  No mulligans.

All you get is a tough opponent.

You know it.

Life is tough.

And the only choice you have is to be tougher.

That's it.  At the end of the day that's really all it comes down to.

You have to be tougher that the fear and loss and failure that comes at you.

Which brings up another issue which we don't always stop and think about.

How tough are you?

Really.  How tough are you?

Deep down in your soul -- in the quiet moments when no one is around -- it's a question that you have to answer for yourself.

You can't fake it.  You have to be it.

We all say we're tough.

Right now you're probably justifying right now all the reasons that make you tough.

But what about "every day tough".

  • What about looking disaster in the face and deciding not to quit?
  • What about working long into the night when no one is around to give you "bonus points"?
  • What about biting your tongue when you get misunderstood and lied about?
  • What about speaking candidly instead of being passive aggressive?
  • What about being kind when it's just easier to bully.

What about that?

Life is tough.

You're going to pushed around and hurt.

It's not the big things that will grind you down.  It's the small stuff that piles on every day.

And the choice is really clear.

You can get tough or you can give up.

And giving up isn't really an option in the first place.

Fear, PainStephen Palacino