Stop Playing to the Crowd.

There is always a crowd to play too.

Sometimes they are standing on your bare feet cheering your name.  Other times they're red in the face throwing anything within arms reach at you as they hiss violently in your direction.

The crowd is always there.

And it's easy to get caught up in the competition of winning the crowd over.  It's easy to trade your original goal for the immediate gratification  of winning over the crowd.

It's deceiving.  And dangerously distracting.

In your temporary paranoia, there is one big glaring issue you might have forgotten

The crowd is always wrong.

Perhaps this needs to be clarified.

The crowd is always wrong for you. Despite at times the startling odds and disproportionate outrage, the best path for you is usually at odds with what the crowd is cheering for.

The crowd is wrong.

It might take a week, a monthly, or a century, but conventional wisdom and mass opinion always become irrelevant.

That's what happens.

People get excited and do crazy things and then pretend to forget all about it when you remind them of it later.  The crowd dynamic only amplifies that.

And for some reason, we get all flustered when the two people next to us start voicing their opinion.

The crowd's just a loud opinion.

Never forget that.

  1. The crowd is emotional not logical
  2. You have a goal and sensible tests to get you there.
  3. The crowd is driven by sensation not substance.
  4. You need smart advice driven by experience.
  5. The crowd cares about their experience.
  6. You care about your dream.
  7. The crowd wants most for you to be like them.
  8. You want most to accomplish your dream.

Your crowd might be the executive management team at your company.  It might be the existing experts in your industry. It might be people you hang out with at church or social events.

They are good people.  Usually.

The crowd makes them bad.

You can spend your time making sure the crowd is cheering for you or you can focus on the success you really want for you.

One is sexy now.

The other is everything you ever wanted... forever.

Maybe it's not a hard choice after all.