Defending Your Way into Loserhood.

Life is full all of the unexpected.

It's not just about what you don't anticipate.

It's about the purposeful dishonesty of other people around you. Specifically what it's aimed at you.

It happens to every one.

You are going about your daily activities working towards your goals and all of a sudden you hear rumors about something you did.  And what's interesting about rumors is that they are hard to ignore.

No matter what you're doing, a rumor quickly distracts you -- especially when that rumor has to do with you.

It's easy to want to defend yourself.

That's your first reaction.

You're eager to find out -- who started the rumor?  Who knows about the rumor?

As questions flood your brain, you notice yourself getting more and more frantic.

"This isn't fair."

That's the logic that's running through your brain at the moment. It's the sole driving emotion behind why you feel the way you feel.

  • You're angry.
  • You're hurt.
  • You're confused.
  • You're insulted.

The problem is that defending yourself is never as helpful as we imagine it to be.

In fact, rarely does more outrage, especially from a frantic defendant, ever achieve anything other than acrimony, confusion, and distracting drama.

So what do you do?

You stop defending yourself.

You let people think what they want to think and drive relentlessly towards your goals.

Which is nigh impossible to do, frankly.

Every part of your psyche is screaming out your seventeen unspoken sides to the story.

And you desperately want everyone around you to hear you out.

But if you persist, you'll find yourself defending your way into loserhood.

Here are a few things you might have forgotten:

  1. Expecting that life will be fair to you is just plain naive.
  2. Mean people can't steal your dreams, only your momentum.
  3. You can spend your time explaining or you can execute.
  4. People will believe what they want to believe.

It's all a choice.

How you think.  How you act.

It's all a series of decisions.

You can "protect your good name" or just keep doing the amazing things that make you successful.

And when you say it like that, defending yourself all the time just seems a little silly.