47 Edgy Perspectives for Unstoppable Business Success.

You want to be successful.

More than anything in the world, what drives you most is the need to be successful.  You don't want to lose.  You don't want to end up looking like a idiot.

You want success in every sense of the word -- the fame, the money, the feeling of accomplishment.

More importantly, you want to know that what you do -- who you are -- matters.

Success is what drives you.

But that drive might be leading you to make some stupid mistakes.  Especially when it comes to business.

Ever wonder why you can read an amazing book about business breakthrough, get excited and start implementing what you read, but then find that nothing you are doing seems to work -- at all.

That's because the rules have changed.  The rules about business success have changed.

And you are going to be frustrated by failure unless you change your perspective.

You need a new set of rules.

You need a new way of looking at business.

Here are a few to get you started:

  1. There are always more deals than the one that you are looking at right now.  Walking away is the first step in finding them.
  2. Mean people suck the life out of you.  Avoid them at all costs, especially if one of them is your boss.
  3. Selling is the only way to grow your business. If you're not selling something, you're losing something.
  4. Sometimes putting on a smile is the only difference between you being confident and being scared.
  5. Employees are your biggest asset.  Take your time deciding who to invest in, and then invest for long-term return.
  6. The details don't need to matter to you, but you do need someone obsessed about them -- or you'll fail.
  7. Tone of voice matters more than what you say.  So does eye contact and a firm handshake.
  8. It's not the plan that get's broken.  It's people.
  9. Nobody likes the jerk in the room -- even if they happen to have the most money at the time.
  10. Stop being cheap.  Invest in your success.  No one else is.
  11. It's what you are willing to do without that decides how quickly you're successful.
  12. Believe that you are all you need to be successful.
  13. Being busy isn't a badge of honor.  A lot of the time it means your disorganized.
  14. If you're not different, you're not really a choice for your customers.  You're part of the confusion.
  15. Pay your bills ahead of schedule.  You'll find it easier to manage your cash flow.
  16. The experts have an opinion.  So do you.
  17. Better isn't good enough. You have to want to be amazing.
  18. Fire lousy employees fast.   They don't get better.
  19. If you haven't had to cry because you cared, maybe you need to care more.
  20. Mentor employees who want to be better. Ignore the hothots.  They're too arrogant to be helped.
  21. When things get bad, take time to think of others.  It's ironic, but it helps.
  22. Cold calling still works. So does email. It's the message that matters.
  23. Having a plan is the way to get started.  Having a dream is the way you keep going.
  24. Defending yourself is not the best use of your time.
  25. Stop celebrating so much.  That's a sign of mediocrity.
  26. The next best thing to doing something amazing in not doing something stupid.
  27. Doing one more thing each day makes a difference.
  28. Logic doesn't matter when you're emotional.
  29. It easy to just be mediocre. It takes a fight to do better.
  30. Customers need a dream.  Give them one.
  31. The difference between winning and losing is when you stop trying.
  32. Apologize when you make a mistake. It makes you human.
  33. Sometimes doing nothing is the right answer.
  34. Leading doesn't mean that you need to be a bully.
  35. Bad news doesn't get any better by you avoiding it.
  36. You can cut costs.  But you can't cut your way to more sales.
  37. If you're not radically different, you're really not different at all.
  38. People are watching you.  Act like you know what you're doing.
  39. There is never enough time to redo all the things you could have done better the first time.
  40. Emotional intelligence is the best kind of brains to have.  Care about people.
  41. You start losing when you stop trying.  It's the effort that matters.
  42. Reminding people of all the things you do right isn't a strategy for fixing the stuff you do wrong.
  43. Winning over everybody is the wrong goal.
  44. Play it risky.  Go for broke.  You're only alive once.
  45. Kindness is your best investment.  It's also your biggest challenge.
  46. Being good isn't the goal.  Being amazing is.
  47. No one has ever achieved anything that amazing by working smarter.  Realizing your dreams is about working harder.

The rules have changed.

If you're chasing what's trendy, fun, or easy, you're going to be frustrated.  Because you are going to lose.

You're not going to find the success you think you deserve.

You have to change.  You have to want to change.

That's what makes you unstoppable.

That's what makes you successful.