It’s Going to Hurt Like Hell Unless You’re Doing it Wrong.

Getting what you want most for you is a lot of hard work.  A lot of pain.

That whole "working smarter" thing that you hear experts talking about isn't all that it's knocked up to be.

While you're busy chasing the low impact solution for accomplishing your goals, the best strategy is right in front of your face.

Straight up the hill.

You run right over the obstacle in your way.

As your legs push off the hot pavement, your muscles strain against the weight landing on your outstretched toes.

Through the soles of your shoes you can feel the outer edge of your feet scrape against cracks in the street.

Your lungs gasp violently for air.  Your arms flail at your side reaching out at awkward angles as if to pull yourself towards your goal.

And it all hurts.

There is no pleasure.  No working smarter.  Only the raw hurt of ambitious intentions and unrelenting resolve.

Pain is what works.

It forces you to work.  It forces you to focus.

It accentuates the reasons why you are working so hard.

And it's only pain that does that.

What comes naturally to you is to avoid anything that hurts.  To stay in your comfort zone.

It's all in our head.

It starts with how you view life.

If you're living and learning without the expectation that there is going to be an easy way, you start to notice that you become successful just shortly after life starts hurting like hell.

Right about the time you think you won't make it, you do.

Just after everything comes crashing down around you, you find yourself standing taller, shouting louder, and challenging the gods to "bring it on".

Because you got hurt.

It wasn't fear that made you better, it was the hurt.

It was your pain.

Stop running from pain.  Run to it.

It's what makes you better.

It's your ticket to getting the things you want most for you.

PainStephen Palacino