4 Reasons Why the Rules Make You a Loser.

Ever wonder how you can do everything "right" and still succeed at failing?

It's like the kosmos has a personal agenda of making sure whatever you do comes up a few degrees shy of awful.

And it's not like you aren't trying.

You're following all the rules.

You're reading all the right books and learning all the right skills and dancing to all the right business moves.

Heck, you're so diligent you've got an MBA and can craft a SWOT analysis on your drive from the gas station to your office in the morning without spilling any coffee on your tie.

But somehow that doesn't seem to translate into the outrageous success that you envisioned for yourself.

Right?  It's kind of frustrating, isn't it?

After all, the rules were supposed to work .

That's why you went to college in the first place -- because that's what the rules said you should be doing.  And that's why you got your MBA and joined a big company and bought a big house and leased a few cars that were way too expensive.

The rules lied to you.

You thought if you didn't cause any waves and just followed the rules, you would be like the model on the Ralph Lauren advertisement -- rich, sharply dressed, on a yacht someplace hot.

So why hasn't that happened?

Why do you want more for yourself?

Because the rules you thought were leading you to success are actually the one thing standing in your way.

Here's why:

  1. Rules are made for idiots -- High achievers don't need rules.  They need a mission.  You don't to remind kind people that whites and blacks (and any other color for that matter) deserve the same treatment.  It's the idiots that need the Supreme Court to draft up an official opinion before they change their thinking.  And while that's an extreme example, there are dozen of others close behind.  Rules aren't about vision; they're the lowest common denominator -- the minimum decorum necessary for interacting in society.
  2. Rules are designed to make you mediocre. -- It's about the averages.  Since a team is usually more effective than a sensational individual, the rules are meant to ensure that the group as a whole succeeds.  And while more people succeeding is not a bad thing, the reality is that the success of a group pales in comparison to the strength and achievement made possible by the human spirit of an individual determined to make a difference.
  3. Rules really only benefit the rule maker. -- If you break the rules you get in trouble - that's what we're told.  And sometimes it's actually true.  Regardless, the truth about rules is that they most often only benefit the person making the rules.  That's the definition of rules.  That's how they work.  The only benefit you get is less negative social peer pressure -- which isn't altogether a great benefit any way you look at it.
  4. Rules don't translate into enviable rewards. -- You might not get thrown in jail, but you probably won't land in a penthouse either.  When you look at the risks versus the rewards of following the rules, it quickly becomes clear that you have just about nothing to lose by breaking all the rules.  Sure, there are risks that scare the "bejeebus" out of you.  But even with that -- if the rewards are great enough, you go for it.  Most of the time, the rules just aren't worth following.

The rules make you a loser.

And while that still might be a shock to your senses, it most certainly might be the reason that you aren't as successful as we want to be.

Maybe today is the day you start breaking the rules.

p.s. I might not need to state the obvious here, but I will anyway.  Being selfish, unkind, or hurtful to others is just not cool.  In fact, it's despicable behavior.  Breaking the rules doesn't mean you do it at the expense of others.