You Need Conviction.

There are quiet moments in between the gasps of a silent sob when you question if you can go on.

When the world tells you to stop. When your friends and family shake their head and wonder why you are trying so hard.

When no one believes in you.  Not even you.

You need conviction.

There are times when the world seems to fall apart around you.

Everything you try seems to fail. Your dreams are in tatters and what you want for you seems so distant and unreachable that it might as well be a fairytale.

Everyone around you sees the damages well.

  • They ask you to stop.
  • They tell you that you're throwing your life away.
  • They tell you you're wrong.
  • They tell you that even if you get what you want it won't be worth the cost.

You need conviction.

This moment is pivotal. This moment defines the rest of your life. This moment is your opportunity to believe in yourself.

A time when the odds are wrong. When the human spirit rises above the beliefs of frail minds to deliver results that could never have been imagined.

But only if you believe. Only if you believe in you.

No one else can believe for you or with you or instead of you.

It has to be you.

You need conviction.

And this is why you fail. Because when the chips are down and when your life and dreams are on the line, you expect that others care.

You expect that others stop and take note. But they don't.

They don't care.

They can't care. They've got their own life and their own dreams and their own beliefs that need attention and time and care and love.

You don't fail because you don't know enough.

You don't fail because you don't care enough.

You fail because you don't believe in you enough...

Because when no one else believes in you, you suspect they're right and that you're somehow wrong.

When others doubt you, you doubt yourself too. When others are skeptical of your dreams, you become skeptical of your dreams too.

What you really need is conviction.

You need purpose.  You need undying devotion to making your dreams reality.

You need conviction.