The Problems With Doing the Right Thing.

Success at anything is no easy matter.

You have to know what success is and then how to get there.

And while the experts debate the exact 17 steps to making that happen, they all agree about one thing.

You need to do the right thing.

You'll hear phrases like "step up and do the right thing…" or "just do the right thing…".

It's like this magical elixir of "putting the world straight" wonderment.

Things were going horribly wrong and then you just adjust course to do the right thing and suddenly everything is now wonderfully remedied.

But that not how it works.

Doing the right thing isn't that easy. In fact, it's pretty near impossible some of the time.

Here are a couple problems you've probably run into:

  1. Doing the right thing is hard work and horribly painful. -- It hurts. Doing the right thing is always harder than doing the wrong thing. That's why it's so easy to not do the right thing. You naturally just slip into the behaviors that hurt you the least. When you have to make hard, painful decisions that affect you and the people that you love, doing the right things suddenly looks like the wrong thing.
  2. Doing the right thing isn't always clear. -- What is right today might look horribly selfish and self-centered a year from now when you look back. In't it better to have that introspective discussion now rather than a year from now? And even when you look at the choices in front of you with an open mind there are always a few options that you probably haven't considered. You don't know everything. Choosing "good" might look bad if a "better" or "best" were clear.

It's hard to do the right things.

In every sense of that phrase -- figuratively, emotionally, financially, sometimes physically…

But being successful has always been about doing the hard things.

Apologizing when you get it wrong and making the hard changes that are sometimes necessary.

Make no mistake, the right thing is always the the right thing.

Even when there are some problems with it.