23 Thoughts About Selling Hope.

Customers don't really want cheaper prices.

Customers don't really want better technology.

Customers don't really want faster answers.

Cooler features, more flashing lights, a bigger market share, or a fatter bonus at the end of the year.

None of that really matters to customers.

They want hope.

They want to know that it's going to be ok.

In a world where tornados wipe out mile-wide sections of middle America and where stock barons can swindle tens of billions of dollars from hard working investors, the only thing that's left is the pursuit of something better.

But for some reason we're afraid to talk about that.

For some reason we're content to pretend that a "faster, cheaper, better" sales process is what our customer's want.

And nothing could be more wrong.

They want hope.

In a lot of ways they are no different than you.

  1. They want to be listened to.
  2. They don't want to be lied to.
  3. They want a steady handshake.
  4. They don't want you to talk over them.
  5. They want you to validate their concerns.
  6. They don't want a shrug off.
  7. They want their questions answered.
  8. They don't want you to ignore them.
  9. They want you to inspire them.
  10. They don't want memorized sales pitches
  11. They want you to be less annoying.
  12. They don't want to hear about your kids.
  13. They want a distraction from real life.
  14. They don't want to be pressured.
  15. They want to know that you have problems too.
  16. They don't want you to fake it.
  17. They want a straight answer the first time.
  18. They don't want you to tell them what they want to hear.
  19. They want to feel like you care.
  20. They don't want more silly rapport scripts.
  21. They want to know you've got their back.
  22. They don't want more passive aggression.
  23. They want you to hear what they aren't saying.

They want hope.

And if you aren't selling that, then you shouldn't be in front of the customer.

You're nothing but a scamster -- a fraud and fiend.

"You'll never be the hero you want to be if you haven't learned to hear a cry for help in the confident handshake of a smiling prospect..."

If you're honest, you'll think of all the times that was you -- hoping that someone really cared about how bad you hurt inside.

Sell hope.

And love and courage and passion and a reason to smile on the inside.

That's your calling.