The Science Behind Outrageous Business Success.

We all want to be outrageously successful in business.

No one starts a business or jumps into a neurotic craft like selling without the single-minded focus to "blow the doors off".

That feeling might only last 3-4 minutes, but there's a competitive part of us that wants to be legendary in our success.

Not simply awesome, but mind-blowing.

But not too long after we start to dream, our reality kicks in.

And not "real" reality.

What hits us is our fear and past failure and the conventional wisdom about business that we cling to.

Here's the truth we don't want to admit.

We don't really know how to be successful.

Frankly, we've been fooled into thinking that we need to be smart to be outrageously successful.

That there is something else we need to learn.

Another test we need to pass.

We've been told that we need a college degree and an MBA to be smart enough to do something incredible.

We've been fooled into thinking that another webinar, another coaching session, another class is the key to us being successful.

But bigger brains isn't the answer.

It never has been.

The secret behind outrageous business success is two simple things: effort and kindness.

That's it.

Rest assured, "effort" and "kindness" is certainly not a sexy formula.  And it probably doesn't sell as many books as the "7 Step plan" you might have sitting on your nightstand.

But there's a simple power in understanding that it comes down to simply working your ass off and caring about others.

And doing it in all the little ways that we try to excuse away, like:

  • Getting up a few minutes earlier each day to plan out your strategy and mentally prepare for upcoming challenges.
  • Taking a few extra seconds to stop and focus before you defend yourself or make an angry comeback.
  • Putting in the focus day-after-day to work on improving small (painful) skills that make you a champion.

It's not about following the rules or you learning something that you don't already know.

It's about crying more.  Working more.  Caring more.

"Being" more.

And in case you happen to be one of those smart people who wants to learn something "brainy", here's the formula behind outrageous business success.

EQ + KQ > IQ

(EFFORT and KINDNESS is greater than SMARTS)

It's a lesson we all need to learn a little bit better.

  • Outrageous effort gives you the chance to win long after the competition has thrown in the towel.  It's determination that keeps you on your feet.
  • Outrageous kindness allows you to connect with others deep in their soul.  It's differentiation that no process or business plan can rival.

What are you doing that's outrageous?