Goodbye, Good Riddance, I Want My Bath Robe Back.

Goodbye to the days of not caring.

Goodbye to the thought that you can create a sales plan for people (run by people targeted at other people) without the willingness to understand what makes people tick.

Goodbye to days on the phone where the best strategy for closing quota is a name and number where you have no connection, no strategy, and only a half-baked script to repeat.

Goodbye to the days of the best salesman being promoted to the job of sales manager without the training and support of senior management to make sure he succeeds.

Goodbye to passive aggressive work schedules that make us stay late at the office just because the boss happens to be there still.

Goodbye to the need for overwhelming prospects with more product facts than they ever cared about.

Goodbye to the phone call that includes the words: "Just checking in on you".

Goodbye to the spreadsheet that demands how we make our decisions, where we focus our attention, and what kind of time we spend with interested prospects.

Goodbye to poor self confidence that makes us exaggerate our successes and play down the weaknesses that make us flawed executives in the workplace.

Goodbye to the nonsense that you can separate your business life from your personal life.

Goodbye to the "leave it at the office" mindset.

Goodbye to the managers who nickel-and-dime expense reports.

Goodbye to the silly rapport scripts that we use, like: "hows the weather?" and "do you have any kids?".

Goodbye to the laziness that stops us from honing our craft with better training and a relentless self discipline to learn new things about our industry, ourselves, and what makes our prospect happy.

Goodbye to limits.

Goodbye to fear.

Goodbye to everything that makes us flawed but passionate sellers.

This year it shall be different.

Today is the day of new beginnings.

Goodbye. Good Riddance.

(And don't you dare think about trying to take my bath robe with you.)

This post was first written (in a slightly different format) for Sales Bloggers Union.  Here are a few other articles I’ve written there.