Making Excuses is Just Easier.

You don't ever have to be wrong.

You don't ever have to say "I'm sorry" or "I'll do better next time"

You don't ever have to look at someone with tears in their eyes and know that you were the person who caused their pain.

You don't ever have to be vulnerable enough to share your inadequacies with people who cae to help.

You don't ever have to look in the mirror and wonder why you threw in the towel when things got tough.

You don't ever have to put in the grit and effort that it takes to be a champion.

You don't ever have to confront the demons from your past that leave you wounded and scared.

You don't ever have to admit how fearful and frightened you are to fail.

You don't have to do anything you don't want to do.

You don't.

You can always just make an excuse.

It's just easier to blame someone else.

It's just faster than being accountable.

It's just less effort than doing hard work.


What's faster and easier  has never ever been the secret to outrageous success.

Which begs the question why we are so quick to make excuses.

Because we're scared.

And hurt.


And tired.

And that just makes us human.

We're frail.

But what makes us unstoppable is our ability to look past the pain and our fear.  To look into our soul and deny ourselves the easy path.  To refuse ourselves the course of making excuses.

To rise from within and "be" the reason for our loss and pain and inadequacy.

Because when you are the only thing that limits you, nothing that happens around you matters.

Nothing can hurt you.  Nothing can stop you.  Nothing can come between you and success.

But most of us won't be unstoppable.

We trade immortality for the quick fix of making excuses.

(And that's just a shame.)