You Know More Than The Experts.

Every industry has it's experts.

We talk them "talking heads", pundits, and gurus.

(The "know-it-alls".)

And regardless of what we call them, one thing is certain.

We think they know more than us.

And while we may try to deny that, our actions give us away.

  1. We repeat the most recently witty opinions given by the experts, instead of thinking through our reasoning behind doing what we do.
  2. We blindly accept the facts and expert interpretation given, without digging into the research ourselves or  forming our own conclusions.
  3. We choose the sensationalism of the expert's persuasion and a quick resolution to complex problems instead of applying the emotional discipline to remain in a position of uncertainty.

Sounds all too familiar, right?

We really act like the experts know what's best for us.

That's just how our brains work.

Our primal computing pushes us to delete and summarize anything that is overly complex or emotionally threatening.  When others can help provide that stability through emotionally reasonable conjecture, our brains take that route unless we manually over-ride the process.

In fact, experiments show the brain temporarily "shutting down" when we are faced with what we think is the advice of a guru.  That same effect still happens even when the advice we are given is admittedly bad, even horrible.

It something that happens over time.

Growing up you were told by your parents that certain people like teachers and ministers "had all the answers".  And compliance was rewarded.

Your social standing was in large part directly related to how well you learned and adopted the opinions of those in expert status to you at that time.

Sunday School also demanded such devotion.  So did college, your advanced degree, your first job out of college, and your favorite TV show.

In each case, you were socially pressured to agree unequivocally with the expert.

And the multiplying effect of that pattern over several decades of living has reinforced in your mind (subconsciously, perhaps) that the experts automatically know more than you do.

But here's what you find out.

The experts aren't as confident about their intellectual stature as you might be for them.

Take medical research for example.

According to a recent NY Post article, as much as 90% of medical knowledge has proven to be substantially or even completely wrong.

Shocking.  But who knows; the expert journalists writing that story could be 90% wrong themselves.

Regardless, you begin to realize that while each of knows something that the other might not know, few of us know enough to be the oracle of infinite knowledge we make the experts out to be.

  1. We have different life experience.
  2. We have unique circumstantial perspectives.
  3. We have refined emotional interpretations.

And when you mix-and-match those into the endless number of variations that are as different as there are different people, you wonder how anyone can ever call themselves smarter that you.

You're the real expert.

Within you is everything you need to lead.

You've been living as an expert in disguise.

You've been in training, waiting for the moment when it hits you.  When you realize that you know more than the experts.

And in that moment you're unstoppable.

And that changes everything.