No One Can Force You To Be a Bad-Ass.

We waste a lot of time reading sales books, hiring coaches, and networking around for great advice on how best to boost our revenue, crush a quota and grow our businesses.

We really do.

Frankly, it's pitiful how much time we spend looking for the answers.

And looking for answers isn't an altogether scandelous endeavor.  There are worse offenses to avoid.

In fact, the opposite isn't anything to attain to either.

We naturally recoil against those who go out their way to make sure we know they have all the answers.

But here's what we've forgotten.

Answers don't solve problems.

Knowing what to do is rarely the real issue

It's the "red herring" in the discussion.  It's the sexy, bull-shit we feed ourselves to feel sophisticated and intelligent.

It's the nonsense we spew at our board meeting to appear like we are doing everything we can.

The problem isn't in knowing.  It's in wanting.

It's in what you want for yourself.

You have to want more for yourself.

It's that simple.  No one can change that for you.

Wanting is what's inside you.

  1. It's what you think about.
  2. It's what you prioritize.
  3. It's what you keep doing.

It's what no one can stop you from being.

Most of our sales problems aren't head issues, they are heart-and-soul issues...

We talk like we are going to change the world, but don't even have the discipline to change ourselves.

And perhaps that's most telling with our erratic performance.

Maybe that's why we deliver stellar results one minute and look clueless the rest of the time.

We don't want it bad enough.

We're willing to put in more sales effort for short bursts of time -- when it's end of quarter or when our firm starts talking about downsizing the sales team or for a few months right after we land a new position at a new company.

We're freak'n bad-ass then.  Right?

We're untouchable, rock-stars of the selling universe.

But then when life takes a cheap-shot at us, we find ourselves running pell-mell into the land of excuses.  We fire off "nasty-grams" to the "clueless" support dudes who we blame for costing us a sale.  And then it's management, our pay package, and the competition.

Anything within the reach of our frightened cerebrum because the reason for our lack of results.

And that's why we stop being bad-ass.

Because we lack the guts to keep trying.  Because we stop trying.  Because we talk big and act small.

When the chips are down and the card are dealt, it's just us who plays the hand.  But instead of playing the game, we're ordering another Scotch and mumbling bitterly that "we weren't getting any cards".

Shame on us.

Nothing works if we don't...

Maybe it's time to change that.

Maybe bad-ass effort is what we need.