Fighting the Fraud Inside You.

We're all frauds.

That's why adopting another sales process won't fix your business problems.

You're flawed and so anything you do can fail.  And the more you stray from you who really are, the greater the chances of you failing become.

That's a truth you can't run from.

There are no exceptions.  No "buts".   No "sometimes" that it works.

Flawed, fallible, fearful people fail...

And all because you stop fighting the fraud inside.

You want more from you.  But you're afraid to be the person that you could be.

  • It might require more mental effort than you are prepared to invest.
  • It might demand you confront past failures and admit your weaknesses.
  • It might force you to relearn everything you thought you knew about life.

It's massive amounts of work.

(Both physical and emotional...)

So instead of being the person you could be, you let the fraud inside you control you.

You promise big results to yourself and those around you but don't fight to actually

  • You buy the book on self-improvement and don't get past the first 27 pages.
  • You set a goal but never hire a coach to keep you accountable.
  • You create a plan but trade progress for procrastination.

Because that's what comes naturally.  That's what happens when you dream big and act small.  When you don't manically focus on defending what you could be from what comes easiest.

Fighting the fraud inside you means relentlessly attacking your brutal tendencies to quit improving.

It means:

  • Losing your inflated ego and the chip on your shoulder that makes you resist criticism.
  • Learning new ideas, talents, and skills that challenge your view fo the world.
  • Living your dreams even when you feel embarrassed by what people say about  you.
  • Looking for ways you can use kindness to make a difference to those around you.
  • Loving those who make you a better person even when what they say hurts you.

It means you do the hard things that most of us are unwilling to do

We are frauds because we choose not to be otherwise.

But changing that is something that we all can do right now.

NOTE: Artwork used is an original oil canvas created by Paul Richard James called Rumspringa.

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