5 Ways You are Your Biggest Problem.

Ever notice how the same skills and intuitions that make you a super-star one minute are the same bad habits that make you a train wreck?

One minute you're on top of the world, and then you find yourself at the bottom of the heap scrambling to figure out what happened.

Heck, you're doing the same thing you've always done, but you sure aren't getting the results that you want.

So what happened?

You got in your own way.

You let "what you thought was working" get in the way of the progress you want to be making.

And here's a startling realization that you come to.

It's not any one thing that you did.  It's actually a few different things.

Here are a few:

1. Selfish behavior

Getting behind your dreams with hard work and relentless focus is a good thing until you start taking advantage of those around you.

And it happens every time unless you plan otherwise.  Unless you plan to give to others first.  To give as a way of life.

Selfish behavior usually starts innocently. It starts with a bold vision and a determined attitude, but it will derail your future unless you start thinking about others.

2. Stop trying

Being successful requires mind-blowing levels of effort.  If you plan on anything less, you are bound to fail.   We want to believe that we can shortcut this model.  That there is a magical 7-step process we can adopt that can make our career more stable - less uncertain.

We stop trying to be better. We decide that the going is too difficult.   It gets too emotionally personal and we take shortcuts to make it easier for us to avoid getting hurt.

When you start deciding that the small details are just too hard, beware.

3. Stubborn bullying

Starting out in business we can't wait to ask for everyone's feedback.  Anyone within earshot gets asked "what to do" and "how we're doing".

And then we decide that we have all the answers. We stop listening to feedback. In fact, we bully anybody around us that offers an opinion on our behavior.

We decide that if someone doesn't agree with us then they must not have all the facts.   And then after we shove the facts down their throat, we write them off as stupid or small-minded if they don't interpret the situation the same way we do.

We've stubbornly forgotten that our detractors make us better. They keep us honest.

4. Satisfied expectations

Here's what happens all too often.  We're a little bit better than those around us and decide that we've gone as far as we were meant to go.   Instead of focusing on the next step in the process or challenging ourselves to really achieve the full measure of our potential, we get temporarily satisfied.

And here's the problem with that.  It takes a lot longer to get going again after you've lost momentum.   Later when you decide that you do want more, it can take months or even years to get back into the fighting shape you need to be successful.

5. Stunted emotions

Raw effort and above-average intelligence will lead to success - some success.  But it will never, ever replace what you can achieve when you work on being emotionally intelligent.

Your emotions allow you to deliver solutions that touch the soul - not just deliver value. And when you make every decision based solely on tangible facts and figures, you'll convince yourself that emotions don't matter.

Quite frankly, they're really the only thing that does matter.

Get out of your own way.

Achieving greatness is what you were meant to do.

But bad habits and unhealthy attitudes will steal your dreams and goals away from you.

Maybe its time to get out of your own way.