An Ode to Failing Famously.

You won't do anything that amazing in life without failing.

Without failing big.

It's simply unavoidable.

And yet avoiding failure is mostly our driving obsession.

  • It's why we can't apologize when our actions cause unintended harm.
  • It's why we hesitate to admit to ourselves that what we tried didn't work.
  • It's why we can't look in the mirror and say "I failed".

We forget that to fail is to be human.

We forget that complication is just the need for change.

We forget that failure isn't a destination, just a moment in time.

A moment to look at life a little differently.

  • For calibration of our attitudes and instincts.
  • For resurrection of our dreams and hope.
  • For animation of our plans and purpose.
  • For domination of our own selfish behaviors.
  • For elevation of our thoughts and expectations.
  • For preparation of new skills and talents.
  • For activation of massive amounts of effort and focus.
  • For connection with those who make us better people.
  • For toleration of ideas we once thought to be impossible.
  • For invention of Plans B, C, D, and ZZZZ.

For celebration.

We celebrate failure.  We embrace our fallibility.

Because change is now possible.  Because now what was once impossible is now possible and expected.  Because failure has made us stronger, smarter, and more strategic.

We fail not because we are inferior.  We fail because our dreams are superior.  Because we expect more than the ordinary and venture boldy into the unknown to bend the world to our destiny.

And that  - that adventure of passion and purpose - is a reason to celebrate.

That's a reason to fail famously.

Fear, PainStephen Palacino