Business Boo-Boo’s and the Surgeon Inside You.

The primary driver for every human behavior is rooted in pain.

Either avoiding pain, dealing with pain or trying to inflict it on others -- what we understand best (at the root of our DNA) is pain.

Before we even understand how to deceive, manipulate, or otherwise be strategic, we know perfectly well how to handle pain.

We run -- because it hurts.  And sometimes we dig in our heals and throw a stink.

That’s just nature.

Not even specifically “human” nature.  That’s nature in general.

Your pet dog.  Your karate teacher.  The prospect you are cold-calling.

They all act the same way.  They can’t help it.

Pain makes them that way.

So that’s all you need to talk about.

  • Every sales pitch
  • Every marketing strategy
  • Every social media post
  • Every conversation

Everything you do should revolve around you explaining to your industry how you solve their pain better than anyone else.

Forget about your technology.  Forget about all your experience.  Forget about how “your people” are the difference.

None of that really matters.

It’s all about the pain you solve.

That's the only thing that matters.

Sure price matters, but only because it’s too painful to pay too much.

And experience is even interesting to your prospects but only (only) because you know just enough more than the other guys to solve a very painful problem.

Just knowing more by itself is annoying and pretentious.   And the cheapest price -- well, you can get that at a yard sale.

It all comes back to pain.

You need to solve their pain.  Fast.

And as thoroughly as possible.

And when you do:

  • You get people emotional
  • You win more business
  • You grow your client base
  • You create a better reputation

You change the world around you.

And that means something special.

After all, that's why you got into business in the first place, isn't it?

This post was originally written (a little bit ago) for Greenville Business Magazine in a slightly different format. I re-read it, got inspired, and thought you might enjoy…

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