So What….

So what if you're not the smartest person in the room.

So what if you don't have enough money to avoid getting it right the first time.

So what if you never stop to apologize for how you treat the people around you.

So what if you avoid controversy by running away from the people that scare you most.

So what if you can't admit that you're a failure, a flop, a fraud.

So what if you give up and pretend like everything is OK.

So what if you risk too much and come away empty.

So what...

That just qualifies you to be a human.

You see.

  • We're all flawed.
  • We're all fake.
  • We're all afraid.

Sometimes, when it matters most.

But the power of choice and consequence and conquest is that life is what we make it.


The goals you set for yourself and the maniacal effort you expend to achieve greatness sway the balance in determining if your "so what" moments push you closer to your goal or drive you farther away.

Somehow being fallible makes your destiny that much more attainable.

And that isn't something you easily say "so what" to.