The Reason We Try.

It becomes all too clear when the odds are stacked against you. The terms are harsh. The conditions frustrating.

But that's why we try.

Because when it comes down to the very essence of who you are and what you want for you, trying is the only thing that ever matters.

It's the difference between dreaming and becoming.

It's you deciding that you're going to stand back up one more time.  That you're going to pull yourself together and venture wildly into the unknown.  It's not a big event or a crashing moment, it's a series  of small and forceful choices to persevere.

And that's why it's hard.  Mind-blowingly tough.  No wimps allowed in this club.

Trying is an "all in" activity.  There are no gray areas of almost trying or "sort of" trying.

You do or you don't.

And being "all in" means you're vulnerable.  It means you have to care. And maybe cry.

But trying matters.

(And especially when you don't.)

When you start thinking about it, you realize that it's really the only decision you have most of the time.

Sure you can hang it up and decide you've had enough. That this time you're just going to stay down and take a different direction.

But that's not as easy as it sounds.

Doing nothing means you lose everything.

  • Every opportunity to exceed your own expectations.
  • Every chance to discover new possibilities.
  • Every lesson you might have learned.
  • Every potential impossibility you might have changed.

It's all or nothing.  And you get nothing.

When you stop trying, you die.

It's over.  You're done.  You might not realize it's over for a few weeks or months or years, but that's exactly the choice you made.

And so when asked "why we try", the answer is clear.

The reason is all consuming.

We try or die.  It's the life or death of a dream.

And we choose life.