The Danger in Playing it Safe.

There's always a move that's safe.

It's the move that doesn't raise eyebrows.  It doesn't get that awkward whisper or angry stare.

No one does a double-take or drops a "What the @#$%".  

There's no need to.  The idea is completely safe.

No one gets offended or has to feel uncomfortable.  No one has to confront negative selfish behaviors.  No one needs to make decisions on their own.

It's completely safe.


  • Look in the business aisle of your local bookstore; you'll find dozens of safe solutions.
  • Look at your sales plan for this year; it's probably more of the same uninspired nonsense you did last year.
  • Look at your relationships and your ability to care; you'll see yourself investing in others only when you see something in it for you.

It's pragmatic, survival-instinct thinking.

All safe.  All defensible.  All carefully positioned to make sure if something goes wrong you still end up unharmed.

You are safe.

And that's just about the most dangerous position in the world.

  • You never get hurt.  But you never fail courageously.
  • You never get personal.  But you never create real intimacy.
  • You never have to question your motives.  But you never gain new skills.
  • You never really fail.  But you never win big.

And that's the danger of playing it safe.

You never let yourself dream big enough to accomplish your true potential.

You're kinda close.

(At least it looks that way to everyone around you...)

  • You're never the dude filing bankruptcy because you stopped paying your mortgage so you could fund the idea of your dreams.
  • You're never the executive getting fired because you proposed bold change and audacious vision.
  • You're never the person who cares enough to keep building relationships even after you get hurt.

You look awesome from the outside.

But you never become the superhero you were meant to be.

You never look fear and failure in the eye and rise to the greatness inside you.

You're soulless.

And that's the danger in playing it safe.