Stop Getting Permission to Be Amazing.

Life is simply a series of opportunities for you to be amazing.

And sometimes we need a reminder that we don't need permission to get started.

It's simply just a choice.

It's that simple.

There's no posse of "Greatness Hunters" that descend from the hills and bequeath you with magic skills and gifts of rare talent. There's no magical moment in the future where you are better prepared to fight past conventional wisdom and selfish instincts.

It's a choice.

A series of choices actually.

It's you creating amazement with your passion and persistence.

It's a guy named Dean Karnazes running 350 straight miles in October of 2005 around the streets of San Francisco for over 80 straight hours.  No rest.  No easy way out.  Just one foot after the other.

It's you creating amazement with your dedication and vision.

It's a lady named Nola Ochs spending 30 years getting her Bachelor's Degree from Fort Hays State University at the age of 95.  No conditions.  No next steps.  Just making now the time to keep trying.

It's you creating amazement in spite of your fear and failure.

It's a writer named Zane Grey persisting 20 years to have his first book published; only to later sell 50 million copies of his 90 books worldwide.  No quitting.  No excuses.  Just a relentless pursuit of destiny.

Each one is something that you can do in this moment.

It's all about you.

No need for permission.  Just a will finding a way.

And it's all possible as long as you focus on a new set of attitudes.

  1. The determination to keep trying even when it seems like nothing is working.
  2. The choice to keep trusting even when you get fooled.
  3. The curiosity to keep improving your skills
  4. The decision to invest in others even when it might take longer to pay off.
  5. The awareness to limit the selfish behaviors that cloud your judgment.

Being amazing isn't something you start working next year, next month, or next week.  It's something that you start working on right now.

Don't ask for permission.

Be the hero you look for in others.