What if You Don’t?

Life is full of suspense. Things go up and things go down.

What you think is bad one moment might be the lesson that swings you wildly in the right direction the next.

It doesn't always make sense.

The top of the mountain might be the lowest point you've ever felt in your life. Your biggest failure might leave you empowered and purposeful.

And it's all because of fear.

It's because we ask ourselves "What if I don't..."

  • What if I don't close that next deal?
  • What if I don't have the solution for the problem?
  • What if I don't make enough money pursuing my dream?
  • What if I don't get treated fairly?
  • What if I don't know until it's too late?

And the "What if" makes us wait.

It makes us doubt our own potential for greatness.

  • Instead of conquering we compromise.
  • Instead of leading we languish.
  • Instead of rising to the moment we rush to manipulate.

It's the "What if" that steals our dreams.

It's fear not failure that cripples us.

And that's important to know. Especially when you are afraid.

(Which might be right now.)

The life you want for you is the life you vigorously fight to achieve.

It's that simple.

Everything you really want, you can have. Who you want to be, you can achieve.

It's not a fairy tale, a nursery rhyme, or a silly trick your therapist is using to make you feel good.

It's a reality of life.

Remember, it's not what you are willing to do that will make you successful, it's what you are willing to do without.

Which leads me to the question that is most important

What if you aren't willing to do without that one thing that will make you successful? What then?