The Power You Have.

You may think sometimes that you are powerless to change the situation you are in.

It may appear that you are powerless to escape the pain you feel, the consequences you have accrued, or the thoughts and doubts that make you feel inadequate to the task at hand.

But the power you have is really quite impressive.

You have the power to:

  • take the first step.
  • choose to look for bright outcomes.
  • show kindness in spite of your fears.
  • challenge conventional limitations.

And those decisions are powerful all by themselves.

To change. To be.

That's the ultimate power.

And you have it.

And that means that no matter how daunting any task or opportunity appears, you are more powerful than the obstacles you face.

But power isn't anything of value to you unless you actually use it.

It's just potential.

And potential won't help you:

  • do anything of worth
  • find positive outcomes
  • be a kind person
  • take on peer pressure

Potential is just your option to be powerful, if you choose to be.

What will you choose?

And when?