What People Do.

You can make the case that platforms, process, and protocol drive lasting change. And to some extent that's unquestionably accurate. A plan, a goal, and the steps to get you there are key parts of transactional success.

But they don't solve your need for transformation.

People do.

And while removing emotion and chaos from a situation brings a feeling of safety, it certainly doesn't create an environment of potential.

Only people do.

It might be less safe to script your sales strategy without the unknowns causes by empathy, kindness, and selfless behaviors, but it's predictably uninspiring.

Because it lacks an understanding of how people work and think and want to buy.

What people (really) do.

Your quota isn't filled on a fairy tale planet where robots think and act and sign purchase orders all on their own. Machines aren't logically categorizing features and making the best overall choices.

That's what people do.

So, since you're a "people" and the best potential of outrageous success is with people. For people.  By people.  Why not declare your independence from not caring and start being the outrageous success you were intended to be.

After all that's what people do.