You Have to Want to be Better.

There are always ways to boost your productivity.

There are more efficient processes, faster learning tricks, and more creative plans to be better.

And better can be a lot of different things.

  • It can mean you build better relationships with the people closest to you.
  • It can mean you close bigger, more profitable business deals this year.
  • It can mean that you take the next few steps in pursuing your dream.

But being better never happens for most of us.

Because what we want is for "better" to happen automatically.

And that's not how better works.

You have to want to be better and let that passion drive you to outrageous acts of courage.

When you want to be better you do things like:

  • Get up earlier even when you're tired.
  • Take time to be kind even when you're busy.
  • Learn new skills even when you're already a high performer.
  • Practice your craft even when you know what to do.

The difference between talking about what you think you want to achieve and actually achieving it comes down to one little thing.

How bad you want to be better.

And not that something that this blog or your friends or a weekend seminar can change.  Only you can.

You have to want to be better and let that passion drive you.

So what's your choice?

Is it time to want a little more?

AttitudeStephen Palacino