Passive Aggression. And Why Babies Know Better.

Even babies know better than that.

They are masters at "growing up".

It's charming for an infant to use pity to manipulate us to get more attention.  It's cute when they play with our emotions to distract us from their inadequacies.  But every driving thought they have is in the pursuit of learning enough to grow out of that primitive behavior.

They want out.  And for some reason we want in.

Everything they throw away, we want to adopt.

And that just seem plain silly.

And, quite frankly, it's not a joke.

The next time you think about:

  • Grunting a response instead of saying what you mean
  • Throwing a fit and blaming it on someone else
  • Crawling toward your goals rather than running full speed ahead

Just remember -- even a baby knows better.

It will make you think.

Hopefully enough to avoid passive aggression.

Attitude, PainStephen Palacino