Time to Doubt or Do?

There are really only two possible options for handling any situation.

You can do.  Or you can doubt.

And you need to do both.

But you can't do both in the same moment.

And that's where choices often get confusing.

You can't just cut one of the options completely out of what you do and who you are.

Both are valuable.

Doing.  And doubting.

You need to doubt:

  • That you have it all figured out.
  • That what you are doing now is the right move.
  • That selfish behavior will get you to success.
  • That you don't need anyone to help you.

You need to do:

  • The things that you already know to do.
  • What you are making excuses for not doing.
  • More kindness, self-investment, and the hard stuff.
  • The next step.

Doing. And doubting.

One keeps your intentions sharp, and the other turns dreams into destiny.

You need to do both.

You just can't do both right now.

And so like a lot of things in life, you have to make choice.  About what's more important for you in this moment.

Is it time to do?  Or should you take time to doubt?