New Resolution. Forget the Facts and Figures.

At some point you have to question the facts and figures.

They don't (really) add up.

Or maybe it's not really the facts and figures themselves, maybe it's the conclusions that we are all expected to come to looking at the same data.

  • Are you really making a new resolution if  it stops motivating you after a few weeks? Isn't that really a fantasy?
  • If you know everything there is to know about a subject, how much do you really know?  Isn't that just myopia.
  • Can't times getting tough mean that you are on the edge of breakthrough?  Isn't that simply hard work.

What are the facts?  Think about it.

Things happen.

They happened this year.  And they'll happen in the next twelve months.

With or without you resolving anything different before the ball drops in Times Square at midnight on New Years Eve, life will happen.

Facts will be presented.

Figured assumed to be accurate will be shown.

And what you see, and feel, and use as motivation is a matter of challenging the socially acceptable lies we like to tell ourselves.


  • I can't ...
  • I won't...
  • I shouldn't...

And in a hundred different variations we create for ourselves.

All self-limiting and possibly quite "factual".

And so.

As the days turn into months, and months into the year, your new resolution becomes more like a wimper than a roar.

The facts delute your passion.  And the lies you tell yourself become so moving you can't tell reality from destiny.

And it's a waste of "what could have been."


If you feel like making a new resolution for the next  twelve months, maybe it's to challenge what you think is impossible.

To push yourself farther than you imagined.

To cry more.  To fear less.

To believe that despite the pain and fear holding you back, you really are unstoppable.

Start acting like it.