4 Secrets to Solving Impossible Problems.

Realizing your dreams is about overcoming a series of mind-numbing obstacles.

It's about turning problems into potential.  And potential into power.

It's about the deck being stacked against you and you leveraging your skills to bend outcomes to your will.

It's about you wanting to win, desperately needing to win, and figuring out what no one else seems to be able to do.

It's about you solving impossible problems with clarity and speed.

Ever hear someone make a comment like "Yep, showing up.  It's half the battle".   And suddenly you find yourself scratching your head thinking: "Isn't it pretty much the whole battle?"

Solving impossible problems is a lot like that.

Here's a little secret for you.

You only need to solve half the problem.

No matter how scary the problem might be, you only need to solve half of it.

Once you solve the hardest "half of the battle", you've pretty much solved the whole thing.

Any one can do the easy stuff.

The talking.  The planning.  The hoping and dreaming.

That's the half of the battle that the rest of  the masses are really good at.  That's the half of the challenge that takes care of itself.

To do impossible things, to solve impossible problems you have to solve the scary half of the problem.

Here's how you do that:

1. Pick the part of the problem that everyone else is pretending doesn't exist

What's "not there" is the stuff that you need to be focusing on.

If the crowd is denying there is a problem or pretending that everything is "OK", you know that's where you need to start.

If people keep saying that there's "nothing to find" or "nothing you can do", that's exactly where you need to start looking.  That's the part of the battle that you need to start fighting.

2. Pick the part of the problem that scares you the most

The scary stuff is the important stuff.

The fear that drives you to run away and focus on the easy stuff is the warning sign that you should be focusing on this part of the challenge exclusively.

The reality is that if it scary for you, then it's incredibly scary to just about anyone else.

3. Pick the part of the problem that defies logic and explanation

Just because you can't explain it, doesn't mean it isn't possible.  It just means you are doing something amazing.

If you need emotional labor to build it, you need to be focusing on it.  Manual labor is hard, but emotional labor is ever harder.  It takes guts.

When people say "you can't do that" or "that'll never work", you can. In fact, you need to be working on that part of the problem right now.

4. Pick the part of the problem that poses the real problem

Stop messing around with the symptoms and get to the core of the problem.

What is the key issue?  What do you really want to achieve?  What do think is holding you back?

It's easy to solve the stuff that everyone sees -- the social unacceptable issues.  It's a lot harder to dig underneath all the appearances and find the essence of the challenge and solve that first.  But that's really where you need to focus your time.

That's the real problem.

If you make "half the battle" your whole fight, you stand to do some incredible problem solving.

You'll find yourself achieving the impossible.

And that's what we all really want anyway...