Just Attitude Your Way Past Impossible.

What you see is what you get.

What you think is happening will happen.

It's your attitude that drives outcomes.

Quite literally, how you allow yourself to interpret what happens to you, drives what you do.

A young girl was walking around the shore in the late afternoon where along the beach dozens of starfish were trapped in the sand, having been thrown onto the beach by an unsuspecting current.

A man stood watching as the the young girl began to pick up starfish and place them delicately back into the water.  Step after step.  Starfish after starfish.  She worked with purpose .

Finally the man spoke,"You are most kind, but with hundreds of starfish lost on the beach, does it really matter?"

After finished placing another starfish in the water, the young girl replied, "It will for that one."

Nothing matters more than attitude.

  • If you think that failure is permanent, then you'll never allow yourself to learn from loss.
  • If you think that validation means you are doing something worthwhile, then you'll never create anything world-changing.
  • If you think that "getting it right the first time" is the key to success, you won't keep trying when it matters.
  • If you think that people are out to take advantage of you, you'll never see the potential in those around you.

Your attitude doesn't change anything that is.

It changes who you are...

It allows you to see that impossible really isn't.

And that means that anything you want for yourself is as real as the attitude you have powering you.

Powering you past the impossible.

AttitudeStephen Palacino