Your Hard Close is just Selfish Behavior.

You want an answer when you want an answer...

  1. Before you let me (peacefully) hang up the phone.
  2. Before you leave my house with your samples.
  3. Before you shop following me around the store.

It's not about my needs or what I want.  It's all about you convincing me to do what you think I should do.

And doing it right now.  On your timeline.

It might seem that:

  1. You're following the script, or just
  2. Answering sales objections

But really, you're just being selfish.

You would rather manipulate than manage.

You would rather make me feel like an idiot than be vulnerable enough to care about my problems.

How can that plan - that sales process - lead to outrageous success?

Think about it.

Why are we still acting this way?

When is it time to change?


This new Edgy Observations series is one that I can write where ever I am without needing to put together 700+ words into a "well thought out" thesis.  Consider them shorter edgy conversation-starters.  When I see something that needs "observing", expect me to share with you.

SelfishnessStephen Palacino