The Ultimate Secret to Satisfaction and Happiness.

I'm just going to be me.

I am tired of being the person that you think I should be. I'm just going to be the best "me" possible.

And isn't that what you really want from me?

Isn't it?

We just need to get past all of our pre-programmed crazy thinking.

We all have a sense about how the world should work. Right?

The little spoon goes to the left of the big spoon. The smart kid goes on to be the most successful person in the class. If you work really hard then you end up having all the best parts of the "American Dream."

But if you think about it, you didn't come up with that idea. In fact, you don't even know the person who came up with those ideas. And yet for some reason we accept them as fact.

But they aren't facts. They aren't.

And that changes everything.

It means that everything you know about what you should be is now wrong. The slate is clean. You're back to square one.

Ohh... and by the way, the people around you aren't any better qualified than you to start putting plays on the chalkboard.  They are the same goofy nuts who laughed at the same immature jokes that you did in high school.

Sure they look all sophisticated and "put together". They look like people whose opinions should matter.

But here's the reality.

Their opinions don't matter.

Not one little bit.

They just don't matter.

You do.

You matter.

You're not a moron. In fact, you know more than you think you do.

Sure you're prone to get turned 37 different directions after listening to all the critics.

But we all do.

We all second guess our motivations, intensions, and strategies. Sometimes we do it out-loud.

Most of the time, we keep that in our heads.

And that's even more dangerous. Because the monsters in that playground are even more dangerous.

So how can you be satisfied?

Here is the secret to ultimate satisfaction: "Stop doing and start being..."

Be the best "you" possible.

And only you really knows the full potential of what that could be.

It's bigger than you have ever imagined. It's more successful than the critics would ever give your credit for.

Some people will love you. The rest will still think you're a loser.

Either way, you won't really care. You're too busy being the best you possible.

And there is something ultimately satisfying about being all you can be.

About being the best "you" anywhere.

This post was originally written (a while ago) for the Motivation 101 blog in a slightly different format.  I re-read it, got inspired, and thought you might enjoy...