124+ Edgy Perspectives to Help you Accomplish the Impossible.

Are you looking to accomplish something amazing?  Something so astonishingly disruptive and overwhelmingly applaudable that the world around you is never the same.

It's a lot simpler that it might seem.

It just takes a new way of thinking.  A new outlook on life, your problems, and your potential.

Changing the world requires an edgy perspective.

And, so, here is the (unabridged) A-to-Z of edgy perspectives.

More than 124 unique takes on what it takes to accomplish the impossible.


  • Create your own ‘self-inertia’ by replacing worry with action.


  • Destiny is not about what other people do to us. It is about our attitude in determining our own responses to life.
  • Spend the time you worry about what other people think about you, obsessively working on what you are most passionate about.
  • When life gives you lemons, throw them back.
  • Personal motivation starts with the right view of every situation.  Attitude, after all, is what keeps you going.
  • The last straw didn’t break the camel’s back. The camel allowed his back to be broken by not shrugging off the straws that others kept piling up.

Bad Judgment

  • Bad judgment is like hypothermia— your body and mind want to go to sleep, but you'll end up dead if you allow yourself to succomb to the emotion of that moment.


  • The battlefield of business is not for the faint-of-heart. Stay at home if you don’t want to be shot at.


  • Winning has to be a philosophy rather than only a result…
  • ‘WE’ are the great differentiator and as far as ‘WE’ can push ourselves is as far as ‘WE’ will ever go to realizing our goals...
  • Knowing that within YOU is the ability to change the world is the first step in making a difference.
  • Success is not a "sometime" thing. It is a philosophy, a habit, a way of life.
  • Sometimes the best sense of "having it all together" is an understanding that "being normal" isn’t really all that attractive!
  • Being memorable is an investment made long before the gain is realized...


  • Until you believe that you are all you need, you probably won’t find yourself accomplishing outrageously enviable success...


  1. Experiencing success is not so much about getting to the goal line as it is about getting past the point of breakthrough.


  • Caring is the different between the struggle for survival or the the passionate pursuit of excellence. With one, you succeed at living and with the other you live to succeed...

Changing the World.

  • Changing the world is not just a possibility; we are doing it whether we want to or not.


  • Making tough choices involves evaluating values, determination, and current goal structure through your current perspective.


  • Nothing worthwhile gets done without conflict.


  • If you wouldn’ t kick down your customer’ s door and start spitting sales facts in his face in person, then don’ t do it with your emails.
  • Being more productive in sales is about having conversations with your clients.
  • If the average conversation lasts 2.3 minutes and the average sales pitch is 23 minutes, your prospects stopped listening more than 20 minutes ago.


  • Do not apologize for greatness, achieve it.
  • The path to full potential travels through the valley of set-backs.
  • If you have to give up, give up your fear.
  • Courage is not no much a single big action as it is a series of small and seemingly insignificant ways of living.
  • Passionate curiosity rarely loses.


  • Dream without limits. Live without regrets
  • To find true purpose, pursue passion...
  • Our destiny is not determined by what happens to us, but how we react to what happens to us; not by what life brings to us as a destiny, but by the attitude we bring to life in determining our destiny.


  • What separates us from each other is our will to win.
  • Instead of working smarter than harder, do both...
  • Calculate success by the number of times you continue rather the the number of times you start.
  • There are times when failure seems the only option. It is then, at this moment, that you must not give up the battle.
  • Fighting always leads to winning! If you disagree, you probably stopped fighting.
  • It's not what you are willing to do that will make you successful. It's what you are willing to do without until you get there.
  • The choice to persevere in spite of overwhelming obstacles is the single biggest factor in achieving success.


  • Discipline drives our dreams toward success.


  • It is only when we allow ourselves to dream of impossibilities that we can muster the human courage to attain a limitless destiny...


  • If today was the day you were finally going to win, did you show up?
  • You can't always control if you win. You can control if you try again.
  • Most of us want our circumstances to improve, yet few of us are willing to do much about changing them.
  • Trying is the idea of ‘winning in the moment’… I can not control the universe beyond myself, but I can control my response to the forces that affect my WILL to survive and flourish.
  • The ‘E’ in Effort stands for ‘ Everything’.
  • Effort is the only factor in life that is solely within our own control.
  • The resolve to try again is a powerful differentiator between those who are successful and those are not.


  • Jealousy is the price mediocrity pays to excellence.
  • It’ s not the resources you have but how resourceful you are.


  • Failure tests your dedication to excellence.
  • Don’t worry about getting it wrong as long as you are willing to keep trying.
  • The sooner you fail, the more time you have to start succeeding.


  • Because I only fear what I have not already conquered, I must conquer all to fear nothing.


  • We may lose—and certainly the odds are not in our favor—but we will fight!
  • I fight because I need to know if I can...


  • You can't change the world without polarizing the people you run into....

Getting Back Up.

  • You can take a gut punch and hit the mat or keep moving...

Getting in Shape.

  • Getting in fighting sales shape is about training on the hills.

Goal Management.

  • You need to manage carefully what you measure while carefully understanding that you can’t measure what you do not manage.


  • Instead of expecting fairness, focus on your future and fight to fulfill it.
  • Challenge tomorrow’ s destiny with today’ s action.
  • The battle is not so much about where you currently are, but in what direction you are headed.
  • There is nothing that can NOT be achieved and there is NO ONE who can NOT achieve.
  • Plan to be weak and you will make yourself stronger.
  • Every decision you make goes into the results of what you allow yourself to achieve.
  • Misery may love company, but competition makes the company better.
  • Knowing what you want is the tipping point for finding success.


  • The harder you play, the tougher you need to be.
  • Nothing is free in life. Not respect. Not vision. Not passion for your purpose. It takes soul.


  • Let’s change the debate from being ‘transparent’ to a simpler concept: BE HONEST!


  • The greatest discovery you will ever make is that nothing is impossible.


  • Unexpected Inspiration = When the courage to succeed and a personal dream combine to bring hope and heart to those who observe.


  • Be Genuine. Be obsessed with your own success and don’t apologize.


  • We all evaluate our self-value. The difference is what we see as valuable...


  • The cosmos has a fantastic way of self-correcting for stupid people.


  • To lead others you must first lead yourself.


  • Prepare yourself to be amazed by learning from everything.

Living in the Moment.

  • Life is the sum total of our involvement in it with our ourselves.

Living with Purpose.

  • Dying for your values is easier than living to fight for them everyday.


  • Building on mediocrity still has the failure of mediocrity at the foundation—which really negates the ‘building’ part of the scenario.

Mental Strength.

  • We may be a product of our environment, but we can chose our mental neighborhood.


  • Inspiration is the one thing you lose just after you stop looking for it.
  • We each have the power to be better and better those around us. It’s called the ‘power of me’!
  • Realizing our goals is less about what happens to us by others and more about how we harness the present.


  • Obsession is the persistent mental addiction to a life goal.
  • Obsession is your way of knowing you will win before you even start the contest...
  • An obsession with success is not about hoping in what you can achieve, but rather in exercising a personal forcefulness toward ones higher calling.


  • Courage means there’ s a cost.


  • Nothing changes until people get passionate about a cause!
  • It’s hard to stop passion. You stop logic, derail ideas, and sidetrack plans; but passion is undeterred.
  • No one cares about your vision like you.


  • Just because the shoe fits doesn't mean you have to keep wearing it.
  • Vision is the energy that fuels the exercise of attaining tomorrow’ s expectations.
  • The trend de jure is more important than the trend du jour.
  • Just because I cover my eyes with my life doesn’t mean that reality has suddenly disappeared.
  • Relationships revolve around perspective: your’s and their’s.


  • Pettiness is the suicide-bomber of healthy morale….


  • Despite your genius, things go wrong. Sometimes, things go horribly, frightfully wrong.
  • Success means making your long-term goals part of today’s problems.


  • Rejection is all in your head.
  • Every rejection is a step closer to realizing success.


  • Results never lie. Conclusions can.

Sales & Marketing.

  • A great demo is like a stand-up act. There is a smooth opening where you try to get the ‘ crowd’ to like you, the quick dazzle that keeps everyone interested for the long haul, and the act itself (where every word and phrasing is pre-planned).
  • Your ability to achieve explosive revenue growth is directly proportional to your obsession with providing an outrageous customer experience. Suck at one and you’re guaranteed to suck at the other.
  • Sales people are notoriously stupid human beings. While we make our living based solely on our performance, we rarely take the time to improve our performance.
  • Clients want to pay a fair value for a great product. Totally free creates ambivalence for a discerning client. Money changing hands reduces the ‘scary’ part of a deal.
  • Winners create a fanfare that arouses action, intensifies urgency, and capture the mind and motivation of a buyer.
  • The best sales people in the world understand that the real issue is always what it appears NOT to be.

Sales Tips.

  • To be the square sales peg, start with your title. It’s the first thing people want to know about you.
  • Sales is a war.
  • Don’t believe everything you don’t hear.

Self Worth.

  • You can be all you imagine yourself to be. You will be everything you believe you are worth being.


  • I don’t care about you. I care about me. Care about me too.


  • Successful start-ups have one really differentiating quality — the art of trying harder.

Stupid People.

  • Stupid people spend time defending themselves instead of fighting for their goals.
  • People get pissed when you try to debunk their perception of reality.


  • Rate of Success — (Determination of Leader * Focus of Efforts) / (Ability to Fail / Lessons Learned)
  • Push yourself into the scary position where success is the only possibility.
  • Surround yourself with a lifestyle of being true to your goals.


  • If you quit today you never get to see the success of tomorrow.


  • Nothing is more powerful than the will of man to rise above himself to achieve greatness.


  • A win is a win is a win is a win!
  • Winning matters.
  • If I am going to be sore anyway, I’d rather be a sore winner over being a sore loser!
  • You can’t really appreciate the joy of winning, until you’ve failed along the way.

It takes an edgy perspective to do something amazing.

Just one great idea will do.

One edgy idea from you.

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