44,000 Hours. 300 Edgy Conversations. Later.

Last week I wrote my 300th post here on the Edge of Explosion.

It's been 5 years worth of work. And a heck of a lot of Red Bull.

And unlike my usual penchant for pushing full tilt forward, it felt right to stop and look back. To take a moment and learn from the moments that inspired 300 edgy conversations.

And so here are a few thoughts in looking back:

3 of My Favorites:

These are my all-time favorites. Sometimes popular to you.

  1. Wrong, Stupid, and Half as Bright as You (link)
  2. The Ultimate Guide to Handling Stupid People (link)
  3. When you Make the Choice to Be Awesome (link)

BONUS:  Pain: How to Look Past the Shadows on the Wall (link)

3 Most Popular:

These are the posts that you have enjoyed most. Thanks for the comments and the retweets.

  1. 50 Things Successful People Have in Common (link)
  2. 8 Paths to Domination and 1 Big Way to Fail (link)
  3. Survival, Dreams, and Avoiding the Bad Stuff (link)

BONUS: Passive Aggression is Stealing your Dreams (link)

3 Best Stories:

These posts have the best true stories that I have enjoyed sharing.

  1. How Tough (Really) Are You (link)
  2. The Plan is Really  Your Success (link)
  3. The Will To Win: C'est pour toi, Maman (link)

BONUS: 8 Paths to Domination and 1 Big Way to Fail (link)

3 Edgiest Rants:

Yeah. Sometimes being edgy means you might lose your cool.

  1. Your Call is Making me Angry (link)
  2. Stolen Shoes and Bad Movie Mojo (link)
  3. How GMC Lost my Million Dollar Business (link)

BONUS: Josh, Land Rovers, and the "Numbers Game" (link)

3 Techie Favorites:

The nerdy stuff

  1. 6 Awesomely Edgy Technologies You’ve Never Heard About Before. (link)
  2. Use Liaise. Get Things Done. (link)
  3. Quantcast Profiles your Audience (link)

BONUS:  Batchbook Reinvents CRM.  (link)

Now what?

Who knows.

I am a different person than I was 44,000 hours ago when I started writing this blog.

Edgy has become less angry and more empathetic.

I can't wait to see what "edgy" means another 262 weeks from now.

In the meanwhile, share this blog with a friend, sign up for the weekly newsletter, get involved in something extreme -- just don't give up or give up.